​Early Access Program Disclaimer

Castalise is currently running a closed Early Access Program (EAP). The purpose of this program is to provide limited access to invited users in order to test our software features and provide feedback.

Castalise does not give any warranties, whether express or implied, as to the suitability or usability of its software or content. By joining the EAP, you acknowledge that certain features on the Castalise web app or platform may not work as intended and that usage may be limited in capacity. Castalise will not be liable for any kind of loss suffered by any party as a result of their use of the EAP and its functionalities.

We will try our best to address any issues or concerns that you may have as soon as possible. Should you come across any bugs, glitches, or other problems - or if you would like to request a new feature - please email us at hello@castalise.com.